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Andrew Heming Head Shot.jpeg

"I have had the pleasure of having John Wesley on my team of strength coaches for 3 and a half years training our elite-level university athletes. During that time he quickly rose to be one of our team leaders, a trusted and respected colleague, and a friend. He also transformed himself as an athlete from a strong kid to a very good competitive powerlifter. As a coach John Wesley is the complete package. He has tons of personal experience and knowledge from the countless hours he has spent under the bar. He also has accumulated a lot of coaching hours working with male and female athletes in a variety of sports. John Wesley has an excellent coaching eye and really understands the technical aspect of exercise form. He also has a great understanding of program design. In addition to all these technical skills, what makes John Wesley really a great coach is his character and people skills. He is a good man who truly cares about people and wants the best for them. If you get a chance to work with John Wesley, don’t miss out."

Andrew Heming, MS, CSCS, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Trinity Western University

Vanessa Testimonial Pic.jpg

"One of the greatest things I have taken away from my college basketball career is the skill and confidence John Wesley has helped me develop in the weight room. He is genuine and trustworthy; I never doubt the way he designs programs or why he chooses the movements/exercises that he does. He is also approachable, patient, and dedicated. It is evident that he cares about his athletes and wants them to succeed. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get stronger or reach their fitness goals!"

Vanessa Funk, CBC Bearcats Women's Basketball

Matt Kaminski picture.png

“When it comes to team strength training and conditioning, John Wesley provides exceptional service and results. In addition to being intentional, professional, and knowledgeable, John Wesley is also a man of great character, which permeates his coaching and the culture that he creates in the gym. All of this earns John Wesley the trust and respect of athletes, which in turn creates powerful buy-in.”

Matt Kaminski, Columbia Bible College Director of Athletics & Recreation

Jodi Picture.jpg

“I have had the privilege of training with John Wesley for two years through Columbia Bible College’s Women’s Volleyball team. John Wesley is dedicated to preparing our team for a competitive season, and helps us athletes with targeted workout plans that enable us to excel in our sport. He has developed training for our team that builds muscle, increases flexibility, prevents injury, and he challenges our team everyday. I have always been impressed with John Wesley’s ability to oversee the workouts of our entire team, as well as focus on each individual on our team and their personal improvement. John Wesley takes special note of injuries and has worked extensively with players to regain full strength and recover. John Wesley provides coaching with an impressive level of professionalism, coupled with undeniable care for the athletes in our program. It has been a privilege working with him."

Jodi Enns, CBC Bearcats Women’s Volleyball

Rob Cormack Picture.jpg

“I have been training with John Wesley for seven months. As a person involved in professional health care as a Chiropractor I have appreciated that our sessions and his training programs for me have been well planned, efficient, and with the right progressions. As an older guy, I have been very pleased to see an increase in my strength, as well as in overall stability and agility in everyday activities! Getting stronger has helped me immensely and my kids tell me I’m looking ripped!”

Dr. Cormack, Chiropractor

Ben Smith.jpg

“I’m Ben Smith, I’m a third year volleyball player in the PACWEST. I came here this season in January and within two months John Wesley had me jumping 2.5 inches higher”

Ben Smith, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

Simon H.jpg

"Good technique is the foundation of powerlifting - it is what allows continuous, injury free progress to be made over time, without it the hard work invested in the gym will not translate into a big total. Unfortunately, good technique can be very difficult to learn without instruction. Other aspects of training - nutrition, program design, can be learned from books or Youtube videos. Without external feedback however, learning satisfactory technique can be a frustrating endeavor. 
With that in mind, I engaged John Wesley for technique coaching around the big three lifts - squat, bench press and deadlift. I'd had other coaches before who, despite being good athletes themselves, struggled to translate their own success into satisfactory results for their clients. What came easily to them was difficult for a more ordinary athlete. Informal conversations with John Wesley around the gym and the platform, as well as observing the success of his other clients, had convinced me he was something different. 
Working with John Wesley, I appreciated his thoughtful approach to coaching. It quickly became obvious he has a deep understanding behind the mechanics of what makes a good squat, bench press or deadlift, combined with an ability to communicate that logic to the client athlete. He is able to recognize shortcomings in an individual's form and introduce interventions to quickly ameliorate them. I learned more in an hour with John Wesley than I had in weeks with other coaches, or months of self experimentation. It has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my training progress.
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with John Wesley. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him more in future - his insight has opened new possibilities in terms of my lifting for me. I cannot recommend John Wesley as a coach more highly."

Simon Holdsworth

Jason Warkentin.jpg

"Over the past 5 years, John Wesley has played a crucial role in the development of our athletes. His expertise begins in the weight room, but extends to all areas of an individuals health. He is passionate about seeing individuals become healthy, strong and resilient athletes. One of the greatest strengths that John Wesley brings to his craft is the reality that he himself is also an elite athlete. This means that not only does he have the knowledge of how to train for success, he also experiences it himself. We have benefited greatly from his contributions to our program."

Jason Warkentin, Head Coach CBC Men’s Volleyball

Billy Bosch.jpg

“I had the privilege of being coached by John Wesley in the weight room for the past two years, as a member of the CBC Men’s Basketball Team. Having John Wesley as a strength and conditioning coach helped me grow and improve as an athlete in numerous ways. Through the two years of training I was able to build a stable core, which enabled me to start seeing results elsewhere. Going into my training with John Wesley, I was already a fairly quick and explosive athlete, but his training and knowledge brought me even further. I added inches to my standing vertical jump, took seconds off my lateral movement testing, and was able to get even faster in my sprint time! John Wesley does a phenomenal job taking any person, no matter what your experience is in the gym and getting you quality results, with high quality process, and unwavering commitment to using good form. The other thing that makes John Wesley a fantastic weight training coach is his adaptability. This past season in particular, I injured my knee with patellar tendonitis. John Wesley was able to adapt the program to fit my needs where I was at, and I was able to maintain my strength without further injury. If you are looking for a great coach who is personable, knowledgeable, passionate about his field of work and about helping others achieve their goals, I highly recommend John Wesley! You will not be disappointed!”

Billy Bosch, CBC Bearcats Men's Basketball

Janelle Picture.jpg

"For the past two years I have had the privilege of training under John Wesley through the CBC athletics program and it has been extremely beneficial for me. The programs we are given as athletes are catered specifically to our sports and include both on and off season training, allowing us to continue building from year to year. These programs have challenged me to push myself and work harder, and I have seen significant improvements in strength, speed, and agility as a result. They have also been a great help in injury prevention, which is crucial when competing in high level athletics. John Wesley is passionate about what he does, always available to answer questions and give tips, and I know the training I have received from him has given me tools I can use to keep my body healthy far beyond my college athletic career.”

Janelle Warkentin, CBC Bearcats Women's Volleyball

Ryan picture.jpg

“My name is Ryan Newman, I’m a part of the Bearcats volleyball team at Columbia Bible College. It was a lot of fun this year to train with John Wesley. He really gave our whole team the opportunity to work hard and make significant gains. It was very helpful to have the knowledge and practical wisdom that JW has from being a lifter in our workouts. I saw lot’s of improvements - I added 3 inches to my spike approach jump so that was encouraging to see! It was great to be in the gym and have a volleyball program that was specifically targeting muscle groups that would immediately help our game and help us grow in strength, endurance, and as athletes playing the sport that we want to get better at, that we want to compete in and work hard at. Big thanks to JW for pushing us and using his expertise to get us into shape to be the best that we can be! It was a lot of fun!”

Ryan Newman, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

Mark Harrison.jpg

“I’m Mark Harrison, I put on 5.5 inches to my spike approach vertical and I learned a lot this semester, John Wesley really helped the fundamentals of my lifting and really helped push my limits”

Mark Harrison, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

Adrienne Friesen.jpg

"I would highly recommend John Wesley Cummings as a personal trainer. I had the privilege of working alongside John Wesley at Trinity Western University coaching and training varsity athletes. John Wesley is a very skilled trainer and coach. His background as an athlete and a powerlifter has given him as solid foundation in how to coach all of the main exercises with sound technique. He has an eye for coaching and the ability to correct technique. He is a phenomenal coach for both male and female athletes. He was instrumental in coaching our women’s soccer team providing both technical ques and motivation. He has the ability to encourage female athletes to seek improvement and believe in their ability. In addition, his own strength motivates the male athletes to keep striving to get stronger and work hard. I would highly recommend John Wesley as a trainer for both males and females and I would gladly refer clients to him of any age, gender or ability level."

Adrienne Friesen, Assistant Strength & Performance Nutrition Coach Trinity Western University, CSCS

Ethan Larson picture.jpg

"Through my time of playing volleyball I have always believed that the one thing holding me back from stepping up my game was my physical ability. This summer I chose to work personally with John Wesley in hopes of improving my game. This summer I have seen myself go from a sluggish 212lb "athlete" to a 190lbs athlete, where I look, feel and perform better. Working with John Wesley has been one of the best decisions I have made this summer. Everyone wants to either lose fat, build muscle, become stronger, athletic or look better. John Wesley has helped me achieve all of those this summer. He brings a vast amount of knowledge through his schooling and personal experience as a powerlifter. What i have appreciated most about John Wesley is his attentiveness to your progress and helping you become better. Whether that is changing up your nutrition if you have hit a fat loss plateau, or adding to it in order to build muscle. I have appreciated John Wesley not just handing you a program, but being with you every step of the way encouraging you in your weekly lifts, motivating you when it comes to nutrition and finding joy in seeing yourself become the person you've always believed you can be. Not only has he just given me information on weight lifting and nutrition, but I have personally grown in my knowledge on these subjects because of what he has taught me. I guarantee if you trust and commit to the process of training under John Wesley, you will see the results. I look forward to the privilege of being trained under him this upcoming volley and seeing where the knowledge that he has provided will take me this year."

Ethan Larson, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

Drew harder.jpg

“My name’s Drew Harder, I play on the Men’s Volleyball Team at Columbia Bible College. Something that I’ve really appreciated about John Wesley’s program is the encouraging environment that it’s been. I’ve never been a person who has felt motivated to work out in the gym, and just working with JW and his program I’ve been able to push my limits and within he first 3 months I’ve already seen an Inch and a half on my vertical which is super encouraging. It’s been a super cool environment to push hard while still feeling comfortable and encouraged.”

Drew Harder, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

Curtis Stelzer.jpg

“My block jump went up 5.5 inches and my approach went up 4 inches throughout the year – it’s nice to see the gains! It was a really good program, we focused a lot on being explosive and JW pushed us a lot in the gym and that was incredibly valuable. As athletes, to go in and see someone who lives the lifestyle as a lifter and the experience really helped us improve as athletes. Big thanks to JW for his help, it’s really nice to get those extra inches on your vertical.”

Curtis Stelzer, CBC Bearcats Men's Volleyball

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