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• Speed and power development, strength, injury prevention, body composition change (fat loss, muscle gain)
• Individualized training – the goal always dictates the program!
• Results oriented training with objective performance testing measures
• Focused on building a more resilient athlete that can stay healthy, play more, and perform better in their sport.

My job is to pull from who I've learned from, who I've trained, and what I've experienced myself to give athletes the tools they need to improve themselves in their sport. We use training methods that emphasize strength, speed/power development, athletic resiliency/injury prevention, and quality movement.

I’ve worked for 5 years as the Strength Coach for the CBC Bearcats Men/Women’s college volleyball and basketball teams developing resilient athletes and helping them jump higher, run faster, and perform better. We’ve seen athletes improve verticals by as much as 5.5 inches, shave 1.5 seconds off a T-Test agility drill, and cut 0.5 seconds off a 15m Sprint Test over the course of a single season! I love seeing athletes reach for their potential and giving them the tools to succeed. Get in touch to chat more about how we can improve your athletic success and set you up for a healthy athletic career.

Detailed Services: Athlete SC



• Individualized training based on your level of skill and fitness with appropriate and safe progressions over time

• Accountability and communication. Learn about how your body works and what it takes to reach your specific goals

• Nutrition Guidance

I’ve found that the key to training adult populations is to train with the same philosophies used for athletes! Getting an athlete stronger plays a major role in improving performance, improving body composition, reducing injury risk, forging resiliency, and maintaining muscle mass…and the same can be said for the everyday adult! Strength is a serious asset for any individual and is the major catalyst to achieving your health, aesthetic, and performance related goals. Let’s start there and build a foundation as we work towards achieving your specific goals.

Whether you're aiming to move better, change your body composition, or just get in a bit better shape, I’ll be there every step of the way to coach you through the process and help you develop quality lifestyle habits that are sustainable and productive towards your goals!

“Strength training may be one of the more dramatic conditioning modalities to help fight the aging process, allow greater functionality for everyday activities and sport performance, and improve health profiles of older adults.”
-Vladimir Zatsiorsky

Detailed Services: Gen Pop


Whether you’re trying to break through a plateau or just looking to learn the fundamentals of the squat, bench, and deadlift, I’ll pull from my 9 years of competing and being immersed in the sport to help you reach your goals.

The Approach:

• Earn your progress by demonstrating precise technique

• Do the basics really, really well

• Aim for small wins stacked over time

• Testing strength doesn’t build strength. Train, don’t test…save that for competition!

• Programs need to be flexible to account for individual differences and the variability that comes with life

• Have an open mind and don’t be afraid to think outside the norm

• Every exercise/protocol in the program needs to have a reason to be there

• Ask more from yourself!


I love the sport of powerlifting and everything it has to offer. Get in touch with me if you’re interested in improving your technique or are looking for a coach to help with your goals in the sport. I’d love to be in your corner.

Detailed Services: PL Coaching


Individualized training programs for those who can demonstrate a solid understanding of strength training principles and can train safely/effectively on their own. Let’s develop a plan to help you reach your specific goals.

• Personalized training programs based on your specific goals
• Nutrition guidance based on your needs
• Email availability for accountability and other questions
• Weekly email check-ins for technique reviews and to monitor progress in training and nutrition


Get in touch to talk about your goals and how I can give you the tools you need to accomplish them via remote coaching – I’d love to be in your corner!

Detailed Services: Online Coachig


When training young athletes the focus needs to be on building a well-rounded training foundation to set them up for long term success with healthy athletic careers, sustainable performance improvements, and development of healthy lifestyle habits.

The Approach

• Development of proper movement patterns
• Prevention of injuries, muscular imbalances, overuse issues, and common weakness and postural patterns
• Development of healthy lifestyle habits with education on nutrition, recovery, sleep, etc
• Appropriate progressions based on the individual's skill

Strength is a skill and quality that is valuable to athletes of all ages. Younger athletes benefit immensely from foundational training involving the proper development of movement patterns. The earlier a young athlete begins building a strong base, the better off they will be later on in their athletic endeavors! We’ve all seen the muscular imbalances, overuse injuries, and common weakness patterns that emerge as young athletes age in their sport. Early strength training is a preventative measure against these things and can help set up young athletes for healthier athletic careers, improved performance, as well as a development of healthy lifestyle habits! Longevity is something we can’t forget when we think of our youth athletes.

All methods of training used follow the NSCA’s guidelines for youth strength training where quality of instruction and rate of progression are always of the highest importance. Contact me today for more information on youth strength training!

Detailed Services: Youth


For people interested in embracing a fun training environment with friends or family - group training sessions are coordinated to be challenging and fun while still holding true to quality training principles and being appropriate for your goals.

With the elements of accountability and community involved, this is a great option for many. Contact me to learn more!

Detailed Services: Small group
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